At KILAM, our ideology revolves around Excellence, Hard Work, Integrity and Compassion. Accordingly, it is one of our fundamental goals to encourage our lawyers to devote 10% of their time to pro bono work, and we make clear to all lawyers that we expect them to do this work. Our commitment to pro bono is as broad as it is deep. Our program is as diverse as the interests of our lawyers and the needs of justice. In addition to handling high-profile cases, we represent many disadvantaged individuals, such as families facing eviction, women who have been the victims of brutal domestic violence, and people who have been wrongfully denied government benefits. Our work covers the full range of our lawyers' skills, including transactional work and counseling for non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Getting involved in pro bono and community work gives our people the chance to share their knowledge and experience on large multi-jurisdictional projects.

We also partner with a wide range of civil society organizations and NGOs to achieve the best results: for example with leading human rights organizations committed to providing access to justice around the country and working with Women Rights Organizations such as Shirkat Gah. We are also on the list of many organizations providing legal aid to disadvantaged individuals and minority groups.